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Slow down there haha. Brady's got 11 division championship rings and 7 Super bowl rings. Mahomes has got a few years to prove your theory. He also plays for a small market team that is not going to throw money at the team to win forever. Just not happening. Trust me. The owners of the Detroit Tigers lost millions for years competing with big market teams and finally called off the run. Now they can't find a win


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I'm not a Debbie downer or anti anything but a fucking ton of this money will be stolen. Never in the history of fucking ever had the US dumped cash on a country and it didn't result in rampant theft and corruption. On top of that it's Eastern Europe pretty much the capital of corruption at every level. In no way anti Ukrainian it's just the cold hard fact. There's billions upon billions of dollars just "missing" from Afghanistan and Iraq alone.


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They sell pillows for people with acid reflux that have an arm tunnel under them. They are popular with people 5hat have bad shoulders too because the wedge pillow takes the weight off the shoulder


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All the while butchering and slaughtering millions of Chinese.. 3.9 million is the estimate pre and during WWII. That's not even counting the countless war crimes committed against civilians and opposing soldiers on their march across the Pacific


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The thing that kills me with the Tesla roof is it's warrantied for 25 years. There isn't a goddamn electronic in existence that lasts 25 years in the elements without significant maintenance. They have to have a loophole to get out. No matter what those panels are going to take a beating outside in whatever climate.