k_gorman8 t1_jea01ls wrote

Come on down to my Simple Spell Shack!

Will you be able to defeat a dragon? No, but I can temporarily turn your hair whatever shade of purple you’d like. Have you ever wanted to levitate about 2 inches off the ground for about half an hour? Well do I have the spell for you. Dust the cobwebs in your hut with ease. Impress your friends with my Shrinking Spell. It only works on fruit and wears off in the matter of minutes, but it makes a great party trick.

While you’re here, enjoy a slice of my homemade apple pie. The taste itself is magical enough to have you come back for seconds!

Simple Spell Shack, at the corner of Magic and Fun.

super fast legal disclaimer voice (SSS is not responsible for misuse of spells. Do not use Purple Hair Spell if your are allergic to Purple Hair Spell. Fruit under the Shirking Spell may pose as a choking hazard for small children, not designed for children under the age of 3. Shrinking Spell does not work on cooked fruits or vegetables of any kind. Apple pie does not actually contain magic that will have the consumer retuning for seconds. Please use magic responsibly and remember: don’t enchant and drive.)


k_gorman8 t1_je6j52y wrote

I take his side, determined help him no matter what. Him sparing my life was enough to have me indebted to him for eternity. I wondered why he spared me, but as we trekked through the night, it became apparently that he was lonely. The path of a hero was honorable, but held many responsibilities, and therefore many sacrifices. Although he had many supporters, he lacked friends, family, or acquaintances. He did so much for other people, but no one ever did that for him. I decided I would be that person- or being, rather- to return the favor. As we walked, we told me his stories. His life was so interesting, so full of action. But deep down, I could tell he yearned for a simpler life. One where he could spend time with loved ones. Where he could relax and enjoy his time here. The way he spoke was so calming. I could sit and listen to his stories for hours. I was so focused on his words hardly even noticed when the first signs of morning began to creep into the darkness of night. Bits of light began to peak over the horizon and warm up the still night air. I took a deep breath and admired the early morning birds and the dew sparkling on the grass. I watched the sun begin to peak over the trees. It was so beautiful. But…

I burst into flames. Skeletons may not die of old age, but we can’t walk in sunlight. The hero saved my life but in the end, he was the reason my demise came earlier than it needed to. I guess that’s just fate. Enemies are designed to lose.

(Yes this was a Minecraft reference)