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If you really believe the lack of traditional marriages and religious order is responsible for the downfall of mankind, your words are responsible for the downfall of mankind. We simply have no sense of responsibility. We come, take and go, like a parasite preying on and poisoning the body that feeds us. No God or traditional marriage can change this, and churches have made it worse by making us fight not only for resources but also for our imagination. No church in the world has ever wanted to protect or not establish an order that does not only give them power. There is no such thing as altruism in any institution and there was not before capitalism. Yeah and we fucked this planet up the ass and now we get the payback. We can only hope it will be quick.(Oh and if behind your "traditional marriage" argument there is homophobia or LGBTQ+ hostility, your argument is nilled and you should think before you write)

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In any case, the Ubermensch will not be descended from Germans or US citizens. Jokes aside, there are three main events that will permanently change the earth. Climate change, genetic engineering and bionic engineering. With the latter I also mean the mixture of technical and genetic research. Humans will inevitably have to modify themselves to face the coming catastrophes, food shortages, drinking water shortages, pandemics and increasing infertility. That means the Ubermensch will become a technical-genetically modified Urmensch with low instincts and strongly hierarchized if not even fascistoids - dictatorial society structures fight over the last edible rat. Because we fucked it up.