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it does not need to be seperated. or the way shared budget is used for americans fundamentaly clashes with european understanding of said shared budget.

The idea that preschool budget which is part of district wide educational budget could be affected by high school sports is foreign to us.

Our preschools also share a budget with all schools in the same district. A bigger school does get more money per child but that does not substract from another school and also more funds are allocated to schools in social flashpoints or places who have been historically worse off as well as older schools. (due to their cultural heritage value as a school) But just because the highschool next door is huge, doesnt mean that the preschool gets less funds


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sorry, I knew it was the US with underpaid teachers etc.

But I figured sourcing out cups isnt a teachers job. I know they are underpaid and I heard they had to buy material like paper and stuff which are all essential to teaching.

I figured either the parents pay or the kids bring their own cup. Thats what we did for preschool in germany and we were not allowed to have glass cups.

Thats the confusion I have.


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Then ABS has way better shine thru but if you use them alot, they get glossy so going for glossy finish is usually better for ABS.

That being said for example hyperX white pudding keycaps have exeptional shinethru but the black once dont and they both are PBT. if you want to mix keycaps, do not go for hyperX.


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That's because it's all over the place. If you want those keycaps and the case, turn on white light.

Acrylic smokey is great in flexibility. It is like a ditto Pokรฉmon. Think bout it, if you'd buy let's say a blue great wave of kanegawa set, you could match colour with blue on RGB or white as accent and it would fit. Red anime themed keycap set with orange led, it would fit. Etc etc.

You can be creative with that acrylic case for sure.

As for specifically RGB rainbow effects, they pair nicer with shine thru, the more the better. Maybe abs pudding keycaps?


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Sounds like you want and should keep your options open.

Go for something with hotswap and as much switches as option possible so standard over something like opticals.

If you dont game, id say something that w bluetooth. You can still flex a good coiled cable even if its BT/wireless. Unless you go for the super rare wireless charged keyboard.

And if you game, youd want to ask one of those osu crackheads with a brazillian PP or what they call it. (as far as I know they and we shooter folks love the wooting but thats a 60%... god I wish it was a TKL so I can replace my HE2 with it. Wooting please)

If you dont game, there are some lovely and cheap mods you can do, that saves money for switches. I for example work on a custom with clicky zeals, the second best clicky after alps in my honest opionon.

If you are a casual gamer, any board with gateron reds or yellows will do. You just get the typical upgrade kits with lube, bandaid mod and stuff.

You gotta kinda know what you want at the end of it all do know if you need a cheap basis or if you can go balls to the walls.