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So as someone who works with my artist regularly- there’s a reason they don’t do this normally.

They don’t send pics because they don’t want you taking their work to another shop. That’s time and money they’ve put into the work.

Usually they’re absolutely happy to work with you in design in person day of.

Personally- my regular artist is Kristen at Kindred Spirits Tattoo in Garfield. She’s absolutely amazing and has done a pet memorial tattoo for me before. A toy poodle named Angel to be exact. She did a stellar job and she’s so dang life like, it’s like her photo is on my arm!


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Reply to Dentist by astorannie

I use John Bush DMD downtown. They accept Guardian, and whenever I contemplate switching dental on Pennie, I call and give them the names/plan info so they can tell me whether they take it or not.

They’re absolutely amazing and I’ve never felt pressured into services. Routine cleaning and twice a year X-rays. He’s very kind and gentle. When I made my first appointment a few years ago I distinctly remember explaining to the receptionist that I had severe dental anxiety and I’d appreciate not having someone give me a lecture over my lack of cleaning, flossing, etc. Gentle guidance was all I wanted, and they happily noted it in my chart and took great care around me to not lecture.


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I can’t offer a ride- but both my partner and I will contribute to end of life services at a vet so you can be with them. If you provide the vets name and/or an account number (or some other identifying info so we can make sure it goes to the right individual) via PM we’ll both call in donations to the account (I can’t promise much unfortunately- we certainly can’t afford the entire bill, but every little bit helps yes? Probably about $50 or so each). We’re firm believers that pets are family and every pet deserves to have their human by their side.

I will also say- please make certain to get yourself some fur clippings, and ink paw prints at the very least (usually all complimentary at a vets).


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Eh idk about a car being parked illegally being towed quickly. There’s a car near my house that’s been in the same spot with two flats clearly abandoned for over two years. And because the registration was still current, they wouldn’t tow despite it being illegally parked.

Registration was up at the end of last month and it’s still not gone. Not exactly a priority for the city.


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I used to live in Greenfield and used to have this issue when taking my dogs for a walk. Even when I clearly had a bag in my hand for picking up their poop, heaven help if they happened to stop at this one particular yard on the block -_- I did make sure they pooped there after dark just for shits and giggles though (always picked up after).


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Kristin Hawk Snyder. She did an incredibly realistic dog portrait for me. Her Instagram doesn’t show a lot of realistic work, but she’s fantastic at it. Definitely take a look; she opens her own shop with Bonnie Ramone in January!


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I’m honestly not surprised.

I do think it’s YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) depending on your doctor AND insurance.

However- you have a few things going for you.

One- if you get an estimate in writing from your insurance side, then it’s fantastic.

Two- the no surprise act was passed in January of this year. Basically- if they tell you it’s covered at no cost, it’s covered. And if they try to bill you later- it’s covered. There’s a whole website in the PA government that will fight it for you.

I know our situations are different but I just got sterilized. They tried to bill me for anesthesia for my surgery. I’m in the midst of fighting it because you cannot have a surgery without anesthesia. It’s a slam dunk case essentially (according to my auditor). It’s worth the fight to me, and I think you’d be ok!