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in Dominican Republic you can have a home worker who will do your laundry every week and cook on weekdays, you come home at 12pm and lunch is served every day. You don’t even have to be rich, just have your office of something. $200-300 a month gets you that.

Why should I care about inequality if I lived there? Having affordable food cooked from scratched, having the house cleaned every day and having laundry done every week. I’m not letting go of that.


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Okay. Maybe I don’t understand what you’re saying. Excuse my ignorance. Let’s say I buy a multi family building. I raise its value and intend to sell it after 2 years. Are you saying this property should not raise its price? Rendering me a loss or no gain by the time I want to sell and make a good gain on it?


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Would be interesting to see change in property taxes between 1975 and today. Blue places tend to pay higher property taxes due to them wanting to give more to others in their communities while red places would rather pay nothing and ask to be left alone in peace, therefore generally pay less in property taxes. Property taxes affect prices as new owners need to adjust prices to compensate higher property taxes.