kaljisnedekha t1_iuk2yr5 wrote

It’s a waste of resources as it offers such minor tweaks it doesn’t even deserve to exist. The iPhone 13 is almost the same exact phone and you can get that on sale. Only the 14 Plus is a bit more exciting for being huge and having amazing battery life.

The base 14 seems to exist only to upsell the Pro model.


kaljisnedekha t1_isyryav wrote

I went from SE 2 to iPhone 11 to SE 3.

The SE 2 was a turd in terms of battery life. I got 3-4 hours SOT and was carrying around a Mophie case and a power bank.

The SE 3 lasts me a full day. Totally satisfied. It’ll gain popularity as it offers the same chip in the 14 for under €400 in the used market.

A serious steal and I benefit from 5G in my area.