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It's $68 to get a vanity plate the first time, vs a boring regular plate is $32.50. Every time you have to renew your vanity plates is $120, where regular plates don't have that $120 extra, just based on vehicle weight plus a DOT charge of $15 and some random $2.50.

All from the current DMV websites "fee scedule"


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Because I want one and it's my right as an American, dammit! /s

It's not that much more of a charge to have a vanity plate. I never had my plates peel on me, but have had to fail many cars for an inspection due to the defective laminate and being unable to read parts of the plate.

And before it gets mentioned, yes it does make your car easily identifiable, or makes you stick out more and draw more attention. When you drive a modified car, and a car thats not so common around here, your gonna stick out regardless.


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There was a big law suit involving a dude and his tesla. He got a vanity plate that says "FKGAS". A bunch of Karen's and Kevin's (is that the equivalent to a male karen?) Got butt hurt over it, took him to court, and because this guy has money to fight it he did and won.

Now none of us can have vanity plates. It's been years since they took the option away.


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My wife's car had extended coverage. Every time it went into the shop for maintenance they would put a new one on, and as soon as she got home id take it off.cAfter the 3rd time I took them off right in the parking lot, went back inside and handed them to the manager. They never put them on again after that.


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I laugh every time I have to pull one of those badges off the license plate for an inspection. I leave it in the cup holder when I'm done. Can't have anything obstructing your plate, including plate frames that every dealership puts on the vehicles they sell.


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Cops don't give a shit about "petty" things like that. Worse thing you could have done is reported it to the cops. Now when the driver who got hit goes for retaliation, they are gonna be at the top of the list to get questioned.

Solve your own problems because the cops won't.


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My car already stands out. When I drive by, people notice my car. A license plate won't make a difference at this point.

I've heard it my whole life, these flashy cars make you stand out, why are you wasting money on your cars?

Plus a license plate is a unique identifier to every vehicle, whether it be vanity or not. No one else will have your same plate.