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Exactly. I was a bit of a toxic ‘gamer bro’ in my teens and early twenties taking competitive online FPS way too seriously. I took a break (played puzzle and RPG games for a while) and made a resolution to be chill and be nice even if other players were being dicks. It actually made my gaming experience more enjoyable and relaxing and I wasn’t ending a session angry, covered in stress sweat and ready to delete the game.


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Ever since I first saw this quote, years ago, I think about it often.

Its made me notice small, seemingly mundane, occurrences more often and been able to perceive that they’re much more significant when I’ve considered their future impact.


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Ah yes, I fondly recall the days gone by playing the Undead army in Warhammer. Vanhel's Danse Macabre is a power 1 Necromantic Magic spell. It has a range of 36".