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Ask for what you want/ think you need. If they reject that, that's a them problem. Especially if what you are asking for is in the listed range. They will either say we think we can pay X, agree, or not hire you. If they actually wanted to hire you from the get go you'll see option 1 or 2.


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I just walked from South Station to the BCEC and back today. The entire walk next to the sidewalk level bike lanes both ways had pedestrians in them, and that's a with benches and trees seperating the sidewalks from bike lanes. I've literally been yelled at for using the bike lane on Mass Ave outside The Elliot, and I refuse to use the Mass Ave one between Boylston and Westland because it is so chaotic... No one respects bike lanes, it's just extra sidewalk or extra car space.


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Sidewalk bike lanes from a cyclists perspective are the worst implementation. Pedestrians are far more erratic, just walk along them without realizing they are meant for bikes, and have no realization when a bike is coming down the lane, even if you ring a bell or shout at them from 2 feet off their heels, then get mad at you for trying to use infrastructure meant for bikes.