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See now I'm imagining that the hero guy develops a heretofore unknown thirst for blood now that he's had this experience. He could have gone his whole life not knowing how great it feels to stab a guy, but now nothing else will compare.

If the hero guy is reading this, sorry, I really don't want to be disrespectful of what you went through, it's just that this story is wild.


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I'm imagining the scene like, buddy you're not going anywhere, blood is spurting from your carotid artery, but the robber is wobbling away on this bike — he can barely keep himself upright — so our hero guy walks over and pushes him off the bike and he falls in shambles into the street with the bike on top of him.

I'm not trying to make light of this but if you saw this scene in a movie it would be hilarious.


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> The suspect made one final effort to ride away on the 31-year-old's bike, but was easily knocked off

So this robber has just been stabbed in the neck and he makes one last attempt to steal the bike and actually gets on it and starts trying to ride away — while, again, bleeding profusely from the neck — and the guy shoves him off the bike?

Imagining this whole scene happening is just wild. I'm so glad the guy is okay and I hope he gets whatever counseling he needs. I can't imagine it's easy, physically or mentally, to actually have to stab someone in self defense, it's traumatic.


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In addition to needing an estate attorney, a will, and an executor, I suggest doing some research to make sure whatever charity you donate to will make the best use of your money.

Do you have a specific reason for wanting to support the Humane Society, or do you want to support animal welfare? Lots of charities exist that will support the second goal, and your money might go farther with a local organization or with a different animal welfare charity.

Charity Navigator provides data about how non-profits operate and a rating for each one, here's a list of animal welfare organizations:



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Philadelphia has a law that mandates garbage disposals for this reason, to try and divert organic waste:


In a city with very old infrastructure, ancient sewer pipes, and the associated roaches, I would rather see them invest in curbside compost pickup, but I appreciate the effort.


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I have been using Circle Compost for about as long and they're great! Dave and Michele really do run a great service.

Composting is good for the environment but it's also just so much more convenient to put produce scraps in a separate bucket versus having them in the trash.


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Have you contacted Licensing and Inspections directly?



If L&I issues a violation, the owner has 35 days to fix it or L&I can start legal action.

Also I encourage you to make KJs life difficult, just on principle. I enjoy making his staff contact me even if it does nothing.