karlnite t1_iyvm70b wrote

Canadian nuclear plants pay millions a year to remove tritium from our cooling and moderator water. It’s a pesky problem and we are always looking for ways to get rid of tritium. We currently keep barrels upon barrels of our most tritiated water sitting around to decay off so we can use the deuterium content again safely one day. We would pay fusion companies to take our tritium away. They could set up a device to harvest it from our reactors or waste just like we do for the global supply of medical isotopes currently. We have determined a myriad of medical isotopes that could be harvested, we just need investors willing to set up the systems to harvest them who have connections to medical companies that can utilize the isotopes (our industry doesn’t have the experience to do this all ourselves as we make power and that is hard enough). I don’t see why we couldn’t do that for tritium too.