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I simply hope she hasn't gone fully overboard, and some of this mess is savable.

She still rather hot 10 years ago. What happened? :(

She was suppose to age eventually. Betty White old as dirt, but she's cute, and still look good well into her 80's. Madonna meanwhile riding a stellar 100 for the longest time, and drops to zero over what feels like months.


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How did James Cameron turn Titanic 3D, and have it be good? I thought digital 3D sucked because true perspective has to be done with two cameras.

I wouldn't make the odds zero that he actually didn't go out of his way and film Titanic with two cameras. Just to flex.


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Alright? Sooo.. What is the best way to not be racist toward Islamic culture? What do you like most of what men do for women in Islamic countries? What should I do to give support? Maybe I can show the same actions in a 1st world country. See how that goes.

I'll wait. This can take a while since you're typing already at the level that you think. :/


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On the topic of size of warning pictures:

"As if the problem is, we haven't noticed yet. Cigarettes could come in a black pack labeled TUMORS, and smokers would still line up to get them." "I can't wait to try these fuckin' things. I bet you get a tumor as soon as you light up." -Denis Leary.


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Marketing? Who's advertising gas companies? I don't care who has what gas. It all comes from the same barrel pretty much, and they are the same price anyways. lastly, people will most likely only go to the nearest station there is, when empty. The biggest factor in deciding a gas station is whether or not the convenience store running it has that bag of chips you like.