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Ahh, this seems like the sequel to the flyer I got while I lived in Hartford at the beginning of covid about the rapture and the illuminati


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The west end neighborhood surrounding Elizabeth park could be a good place to check out. UConn law school is there too and has gothic style architecture. The mark twain house up Farmington avenue. Riverside park is well along the Connecticut river and looks south towards downtown.


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You’ll probably get more/better responses if you post in r/connecticut also, if you weren’t already planning on doing so. That said your budget seems realistic from what I’ve been seeing lately


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My car was getting tossed around driving up i91 to Bradley and they’re still having planes take off as usual. 🫡


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The number of times I’ve seen people fly around school buses even when they’re stopped and have the stop sign extended is disturbing. Is getting somewhere maybe a few seconds ahead of time worth the risk?


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You’ll both have time to go to Sun games over the summer! The games are fun and the last few years they’ve been really good— made it to the finals this past season


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You could probably close your eyes and throw a dart at any town in Hartford county (including Hartford itself) and be decently close to all those things. Really it would just depend on your budget more than anything else