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You've identified the problem. So make some effort to stop doing that. Practicing self control will do more wonders than another app on your phone.

If you must have a passive aggressive reminder. Setup one using Google Calendar or Apple Calendar. Block off a specific time of day and allow notification to remind you of the task. There is also Apple Reminder or Google Task.


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I did finish all 13 books when I was 16. So it’s been a while. “Adults are stupid” is the recurring theme in the series. It doesn’t change. The only adults who seem to think are the Snickett siblings and Count Olaf. Mustache twirling villain that he is.

A Series of Unfortunate Events is a caricature. The absurdity is dialed up to the extreme. I would like to think that the real message is people who refuse to listen are at best unhelpful and at worst, perpetuating the crimes and abuse being committed. And they will choose to keep not listening. Because acknowledgement means they are guilty. Nobody wants to say they, along with the world have been horrible.


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There were no child labor laws during during the Victorian Era. Even today. When 1st world countries say they have safeguarded children against labor, it's more to mean they shafted some 3rd world country to do it. The practice of tying a rope to a child and lowering them into a narrow mine shaft with nothing but a candle down to check for gasses, ore and gold veins is still a thing in some parts of the world.

The Industrial Revolution was hard. And there were a lot of people living way below the poverty line in Victorian England. Children were a source of cheap labor and were "readily available". With families unable to provide for their brood. Workhouses provided room and board to keep adults and children off the streets. And those workhouses are very much how Charles Dickens portrayed them to be. If not worse. Between the abuse, the non-existent health care system, the many ways they were poisoning each other - it was a miracle to reach your 30s.


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Ugly covers are harder sells for me when perusing books. Unless it’s an author I’m already familiar with. The cover has to catch my eye. I’m not going to bother even reading the premise of a book if the author didn’t take time to find a good cover artist.

I’ll give it a second look if it has been highly reviewed by people I know and have good buzz on the internet. Especially if it’s a genre I favor.


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I read faster. Have greater retention. Which helps processing information at work.

I have been repeatedly told by higher management that they thoroughly enjoy reading my reports and looking through presentations. "Having narrative and great focus". Which I consider a win as I work at a consulting and tech company. And the documents are mostly numbers.


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Depends on the child really. I personally started reading by myself at age 9. And some of those did touch on concepts many would consider inappropriate for my age and reading level. Though none were graphic in detail. My mother believed in instilling culture and knowledge, to be articulate.

I'm no expert. I'm also not a parent though I do have a niece and nephew who are getting into reading. In my mind, the child's interest would play a part in it. And it is up to the adult in their life to have conversations with them. To discuss, explain concepts and answer their questions.


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2012: 5 (Burnt out from all the assigned university reading.)

2013: 12

2014: 18

2015: 14

2016: 21

2017: 24

2018: 45 (Bought a Kindle.)

2019: 50

2020: 104 (Hello pandemic lockdown.)

2021: 97

2022: Currently on book 98 and 99.

I don't really set a goal. I have said I am a very impulse reader. No TBR. No mood reading. I don't like to commit to a reading goal because that puts pressure on me. And turns the hobby into a homework. I have worked from home since the lockdown. My job affords that luxury. I found a lot more free time when I don't have to sleep and get up earlier so I can commute to and from work. Freeing up ~4 hours of my day to do what I wish.


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Off the top of my head:

  • The Red Rising trilogy
  • Leviathan Wakes
  • Texicalaan duology
  • The Final Empire. (Really struggled with next two. I did not enjoy the Dragonball Z power up everybody got.)
  • Every book from Thursday Murder Club series.
  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
  • This Is How You Lose a Time War
  • The Shadow of the Wind
  • Small Things Like These
  • All the Lights We Cannot See
  • A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet
  • Record of the Spaceborn Few
  • A Gentleman in Moscow
  • Jade City
  • The Kite Runner