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Aside from Mandos signature cringy or dragging sequence at least once per an episode, I feel like it's improved a lot this season on overall tone, acting direction, and especially production. It's also tapping into that connective tissue from those shows you liked and seems like it will expand on it in a way that could mitigate some of the damage from the Sequels.

Andor instantly shot up to one of my favorite shows in general and I think some of this season of Mando and The Bad Batch haven't been at odds with it's tone and world building, even if they both have sort of different vibes.

Obi Wan and Book of Boba Fett were huge letdowns for me though.


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The training sequence in The Founding episode was poorly done and while I like the Pershing character and most of his sequence, it dragged too long and was repetitive.

Aside from that, the structure has more direction and production all around has improved by a lot. The connecting tissue both story wise and tone and texture being developed across the shows is also getting more interesting and fluid. Their current approach just might mitigate some of the damage from the Sequels.

Din is the Mad Max of Mando's who propels the development of other key Mando characters who are all at different stages of being a Mandolorian along with other characters across the galaxy.

The show runners need to be more self critical and tighten up the show around the more cringy or dragging scenes and sequences, but I feel like you're trying to be that guy with this post. You even take a jab at the fan base with pretty lazy generalizations as if you're one of the few who aren't fooled by some kind of sinister attempt by the show runners to tank the franchise.


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They weren't very humorous back then though. I was a dumb kid and didn't take care about much but even I know a lot of that show's humor was lazy trash when it aired.

It couldn't be done that way today as easily because there are better and funnier writers on other shows that would probably get picked up or renewed instead. People aren't more fragile when you peel away from rando Twitter accounts. People just have more options now.


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Season one was my favorite and what I felt was closest to the sort of real life people and co workers mixed up in big events in a future but grounded setting tone of the first six or so books. Somewhere in season two the tone starts shifting to standard TV sci-fi and they start including stuff like more sound in space instead of reverberated sound from ship hulls that they used more in season one. Plus, some characters personalities get little larger than life but it doesn't get too bad.

I still like the rest of the series. There are great moments and sequences throughout and really good performances from the main cast along with the ancillary characters.


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Season one was my favorite. The sets felt more lived in and it had that kind of real life people vibe from the books. Around the time I think in season two when they dropped the muffled hull sounds for the space action and started using the usual sound in space is where the show began to feel different. It kind of turned into the usual on screen space opera and the sets started to feel more like anything out of Marvel.


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I kind of wish Brian Tyler did the new Dune soundtrack because his Children of Dune soundtrack is still one of my favorite TV soundtracks and one of my favorites in general. It's in my Dune head canon with the books and the original movie soundtrack.

Summon the Worms was used really well in one of The Chronicles Narnia trailers and War Begins got a great remix for the 2009 Star Trek trailer.