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Back when William Hearst started the campaign to ban hemp because he owned paper mills that printed his newspapers, and hemp would edge into his profit margins of the country switched to hemp paper from wood paper, they decided to play into the at the time political theater concerning Mexican laborers. They said that cannabis, or as the Mexicans call it “marijuana”, is a drug made by the devil and hemp, it’s cousin, was no better. So they directly connected hemp/cannabis to Mexicans stealing your jobs and women/daughters, and later on did the same thing with reefer madness/jazz/blacks.


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Conservatism has directly led to acts of violence against gays, democrats, liberals, and transgender people. So no conservatism is a fucking brain cancer, and it causes people to lash out violently like primitive little apes.


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I work in tech, I manage my own home network, I have network level tools that track many different things, and unchecking those boxes actually does disable the tracking metrics. But, you're an idiot with a "I bought a samsung device and cant remember my google password" level of understanding of tech, so its OK that you're an ignorant pissant.