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I'm sure there probably are ones out there that I'm forgetting, but this is the one that immediately pops into my head whenever someone asks what the most sexual song is


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All of these lists are always bullshit. How are you supposed to compare something like The Wire or The Sopranos to Planet Earth or Cosmos?

It'd be like having a list of the best games ever and having the top three being Candy Crush, Monopoly, and Half-Life. They aren't comparable.


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I think a lot of people are confusing the show you're talking about with the Jeremy Irons show.

That one was trash, the 2011 Fontana show is actually really good apart from the RANDOM ASS American accent on the Pope. Overall, GoT really took a nosedive in the latter seasons and Borgia maintained the quality or got better. But there is no denying GoT Seasons 1-4 were absolutely top notch, so I'd say on the whole they are pretty close.