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Reply to FIIO FT3 by androidbrick

If you thought the 2.8N pressure of the beyer was much, this thing is a vice compared to that.


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The last part was about most "high end" manufacturer not holo audio in specific.
The may uses a custom locking 21 pin aviation cable to connect the dac with the psu. What i like about holo is that its straight porn with their pcb design and layout. If i'm correct, holo audio was the first one with the best usb implementation.


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The May looks good but way too big and uses proprietary cable for power. Most expensive stuff uses the same 1 cent part from china, heavy an big on purpose so it feels like quality and most importantly the bullshit marketing that tricks uneducated people into buying. Performance wise the Holo Hay aka the best R2R dac is up there with top performing ΔΣ dacs.


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Wow 5 days, i usually wait 7-30 days for aliexpress to ship my item. Wait for a week, if nothing then cancel it.


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If that heresy was made before 2022 October, i suggest swapping it for one that was made after 2022 October. They fixed the killing headphones problem with the new revision.


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But now you have HRTF delay that makes the sounds appear more accurate.
Without HRTF the sound would hit only the left ear but with HRTF the sound hits the right ear with a slight delay and it makes the "range and location finding" faster and more accurate.


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It doesn't do any good if you wanna upmix stereo to 7.1, it adds nothing just blends stereo channels to rear, side and middle but if you leave it at stereo the HRIR still gives more advantage than unaltered stereo.


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Jesus the amount of bullshit. Now we have:
Audiophile network switch which is just a re-branded switch(the scam company poured a lot of resin inside and scratched the markings off components, oh and added steel weights so it feels "quality").
Audiophile M.2 SSD with and external power connector and a big clock for no fucking reason.
Audiophile network audio streamer pc which is just a passively cooled bog standard pc with a big fuck off linear power supply and lots of capacitors(digital audio wont change with fancy spancy linear supply).
And now the audiophool sata cable.