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I didn’t forget about it, I just didn’t think it was a good starting point for a discussion.

>”American Olympic champion swimmer Ryan Lochte became the latest victim of Rio's street crime early Sunday morning when he was robbed at gunpoint after attending a party. That follows robberies of representatives from Portugal, China, Australia, Russia, and even an attempted mugging on the chief of security for the Games outside the opening ceremony, which ended with a bodyguard shooting and killing the assailant.”


Precedents doesn’t mean prudent, meaning just because it was done before doesn’t mean it should be repeated.

And that’s not to say that Mexico shouldn’t get the games. The whole point of this is statement that Brazil’s homicide rate was higher doesn’t no work argument wise. It’s just a fact with now analysis.

But no one is interested in that.


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And again my points aren’t addressed. Instead the focus of what I’m saying is the word I used , “whataboutism”, and not the point I’m making, that using an example from another country (and a single crime statistic at that) isn’t a good basis for a discussion.

>“I hope not just because of their huge crime problem.”

>”This was followed by someone pointing out that Brazil, who hosted the Olympics a mere 8 years ago, has a higher crime rate.”

Except if you actually read what they said in reply to the precipitating comment, they never said “crime rate” they said murder.

>”You then barged in, like an absolute buffoon might I add, and pretend that a direct comparison to an actual and recent Olympic host nation was somehow "whataboutism".

How similar are the two countries? How is crime enforced in Brazil compared to Mexico? How is crime reported? All of these are factors that contribute to the conversation, yet none of that is addressed.

>”You're wrong because you refuse to read or don't know what the words you're responding to and with mean.”

Interesting, considering the nuanced approach I’m taking to the discussion of Mexico’s ability to host the Olympics compared to one simple statistic.

By the way, “a mere eight years” is an idiotic take on world politics. If you live in the US, you know very well how different a country can be in that amount of time.


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How about political crime, does that count? Should we be allowing the Mexican government to use funds generated around hosting the Olympics to further enrich cartels?


How much do you think the government will pay to turn down the hostility while the games are hosted? When you’re talking about crime rates, racketeering is a factor as well.

But I’m the one that needs to take the L.


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Who has proved what I’m saying is wrong?

Are you saying it’s wrong to want to look at a the country’s problems individually before making comparisons?

I guess that settles it then. If Brazil can hold off all the murder long enough to hold the games, then Mexico should be able to.

Nevermind the medical tourists that were kidnapped, two of whom were killed by cartels, forget about the .50 cal the cartels were using to shoot at aircraft at the airport. Let’s talk about murder rates from South America.

Btw, my wife is Mexican, my mother and father in law are from Nayarit and we have family there still. We talk about what it’s like dealing with the cartels in the next state of Sinoloa.


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They brought up one crime rate, from a country that doesn’t currently have a huge portion of their budget dedicated to fighting large scale drug cartels.

Sure, it could be useful to look at murder rates, but the grand scheme of Mexico’s ability to host the Olympic Games is much larger than murder rates.

My point is your knee jerk reaction to the question shouldn’t be to bring up a country that isn’t even in the same hemisphere.


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Makes sense to ask the citizens for ideas to proactively address potential problems. The public, contrary to what the news would have you believe, isn’t just filled with idiots haha. Thank you again for responding.

I am curious what your thoughts are on the Dollar Endgame theory predicting hyperinflation in the near future.


Obviously this is an involved question, so feel free to tell me to pound sand if you want haha. It’s not often I have the ear of someone in banking, might as well get your perspective!


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Thanks for responding! Good to know your bank has a plan for this.

What do you think of this:


What might cause the FED to be looking into this possibility?