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I yelled at a cop the other day because he damn near hit me when I was crossing the street in a crosswalk because he pulled in front of the curb cut I was about to use to get out of the fucking crosswalk. Of course "normal" people are going to do it and fuck over disabled people and parents with strollers if cops are doing it (and almost taking out legal pedestrians in the process).

Is PPA legally allowed to ticket cop cars for shit like parking on sidewalks/curb cuts?


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The number of lifted pickups especially that park across the ADA cutouts is insane. Like I shouldn't have to backtrack a block to do an unnecessary crossing because I can't access the thing that is supposed to make the sidewalk accessible. Most of the time, it's both corners blocked like that. It's a nightmare to have any mobility issues in this city


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Honestly, the Keswick is probably my favourite venue to see acts in the Philly area. And they get a lot of amazing tours. Saw Mike Nesmith and Micky Dolenz a few years ago, and just earlier this year, Celtic Thunder was there.


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Hey, that's as good a reason as any. I went to a game with a cousin when I was about 5, and I fell in love with the Gunnersaurus, and that's when Arsenal became my English team. I know someone who follows Partick Thistle in the SPFL specifically because they were gifted a shirt with Kingsley on it and it was ridiculous (seriously, everyone please look up Partick Thistle Kingsley).

What other teams are you considering?


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Hopefully with the energy everyone brought, NBC sports will do the fan fest here again in the future. I'd love it if fox sports did something similar with Bundesliga, since they're the ones with rights to air German games in the US. I hope it comes back so you get a chance to attend!


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  1. it wasn't blind hatred, it was a bunch of people taking the piss. Booing someone wearing the other team's jersey is so tame, and it's not like the cowboy fans on the other side of the street were threatened; they laughed and waved at us.

  2. I wasn't even born in the US, so idk what that argument is supposed to mean. (I was also technically born closer to Ibrox than Celtic Park, but that doesn't make me a Rangers fan.)


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I was an Arsenal fan standing behind Man City fans. They were great people, we had some lovely chats while waiting. But we all knew we were hoping the other team would lose their respective games since Arsenal is just ahead of City on the table. I think everyone was just excited that Philly is slowly but surely embracing football/soccer. So even though we were supporting different teams, we were all there for the love of the beautiful game.