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This parent sounds like precisely the kind who would make her child "detransition" under duress. The kid is likely still trans, but is now closeted. Their mental health likely took a major hit when their mom forced them to recant. Sadly, the likelihood of them thinking about suicide or self harm also jumped. This isn't just speculation: it is backed by numerous studies.



When trans kids are supported, their quality of life goes way up and mental health improves.


Any policy that supports kids in their identity without informing the parents is put in place because parents who are not supportive have been known to beat the everliving shit out of their kids or subject them to intense psychological warfare, if they don't kick them out of the house and disown them on the spot.


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That's how the system was designed. Devolution was supposed to be a release valve for dissatisfaction with Westminister, and ensure some comfortable jobs for those on Scottish Labour's B team. Donald Dewar (who was a seriously clever guy) devised the system in such a way so that it was thought impossible for the ScotNats to get anywhere near power.

If the Scottish people get serious about supporting independence, then the status quo is going to make it very difficult for Scotland to leave. A vote in Holyrood isn't going to cut it. There is no magical legal jujitsu, no secret safe combination, that can be used to force the UK government to recognize the Scottish people's desire for independence. There will not just have to be a vote, there has to be a movement for independence with a force that the UK government has no choice but to accept.

The status quo making it nigh-impossible to change the status quo isn't a bug, it's a feature. The status quo seeks to defend itself at all costs.


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Does he know that overriding Scotland is a great way to increase support for Scottish independence? Or know, and just not care? The MSPs were duly elected by the Scottish people, and voted to approve the measure. The fact that Sunak (who got given the job of PM after Truss self-destructed) doesn't like it, doesn't make it illegal.