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The salon and sports and leisure are my two favorites. Both really good for walking around, mingling and have really good music. Camp nowhere, troop PVD, Dr.Duffs, Nara, arcade bar, black sheep, hot club, fish co and the Providence G are all also really good bars as well! Hope that gave you a few ideas but i definitely recommend the first two, and arcade bar as well

I know you said you like EDM and Punk rock, not all of these are EDM’ish but maybe from going out you can meet people that might be able to point you in the right direction more


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Who exactly are they expecting to live here? We already know it’s going to be too expensive for the average person to afford, and just like all the other factory-turned-lofts they’ve built over the years, It’s going to remain mostly unvacated. I’m all for building new housing but make it affordable