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Its insane how much technology progressed during the war. Especially once you start reading up to all the non deployed develop weapons, shit that was working but just not practicle or to expensive.


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Its millitary? Oh damm we dont come near that shit. But yeah i suspect that in america graves are cheaper and are protected longer because you have more space and less people died (who wanted to be burried) for each square meter.

We would probaly half a big part of proper land meant for housing wasted if we would protect graves for ever. 50 years seems short but its often when the family itself stops caring. Which for a expensive grave is probaly pretty fast.

(When was the last time your grandfather went to the graveyard and visit the grave of their grandfathers?


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I mean arent most graves cleared after a x amount of years? Idk how it works in the US but here its graves are protected “free” for 10-15 years. I think the average grave last about 50 years or something (ofcourse depending on a lot of factors).

But yeah disturbing graves is pretty normal because we need the space more other graves.


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A few probaly but i doubt they will keep the fleet the same size. these bombers are only usefull if you have totall air controle or you need to redesign them as a mobile longrange weapons platform.

Like wouldnt require a advanced anti air system to fuck it up.


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Also there is the fact that there are loads of armed fanatics in that area of the world who could suddenly decide to raid or destroy shit. You dont want to be featured in the toyota war 2: elektric boogy


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I always love watching that show untill he picks the gloves and shoves his entire arm into the hole of a cow, donkey or horse.

Then i suddenly regret watching it, while eating and pretend like the show doesnt exist for 3 months. Then i forget why i never watch it and the cycle repeats.


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I mean yeah but the benefits are also pretty big. Its not nuclear, its nearly impossible to deflect, hard to detect and have a striking range of the whole world.

Normal missles could be shot down, hacked or you could maybe fuck with the payload.

For fiction, its a really good concept. Because its basic as fuck. Yeah it cost a lot of effort to get it into space but its easily possible. And there is very little understanding needed to know its OP.


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You probaly notice it straight away because suddenly there is something that does reflect light, or nothing which blocks it anymore.

Lets say you have a house on a remote hill with a balcony filled with torches and other lights. As you stand ontop of the balcony you will see loads of stuff barely because everything reflects light. You will see the edges of the forrest. You might not see it well, but you will percieve something.

If we then put a big screen (lets say 2 meters by 2 meters) with this collor somewhere in the edge of the forrest you will suddenly see a square of nothing. It will be visually diffrent because of the contrast. You cant see it, but because you can see the rest barely you still percieve it as something being there.

If we remove the screen then you suddenly would notice the square of nothingness disseapering.


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They didnt try to make it unintressting they just explained the reason behind it. Evergreen is probaly responsible a majority of shipping accidents because they do most of the shipping.


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I completly agree with you. Nobody should have to live in a place that doesnt fit their basic needs. So what basic needs does a single person have? Does a single person need a house with multiple bedrooms? No they dont. Having a second one is already plenty.

A bathroom, kitchen, livingroom and bedroom is plenty. And how big every room should be? Well enough to support a few guest but you dont need the room for 6+ people pernemant.

The larger your house, the more energy you require. The more polution you create. Its not fair that we all live in big ass houses and that people in underdeveloped nations cant due the same shit due to climate restrictions.


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Also loads of farmers were drafted, killed or driven away. Resulting in massive famines since production output was simply lowered. And lets not forget the diseases that 30 years of war brings and spreads around.

Yeah you didnt want to live in europe back then.