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Thank you for the link! I couldn’t get details on the site but called Jeff City. I have more questions than answers now. My polling place potentially has both Greene and Webster ballots and I’ve been getting Webster by default. I’ll have to sort it out next election and contact Greene County if a Greene County ballot isn’t available at my polling place.


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I am a huge NPR fan. And that’s great too know, it does sound like a good deal. Galloway Station has shit food so we’ve stopped eating there on trivia nights. I’d much prefer SBC food. I assume it’s $20/person?


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I’ve had luck at:

Timeless Treasures Flea Market on W Kearney

Thrift Haven at Glenstone & Meadowmere. They’ve got a giant back room with furniture that’s reasonably priced.

Blind Community Thrift Store on N Kansas Expwy

CA Thrift in Nixa.


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I grew up in the area, attended various churches at my mom’s demand but mostly Southern Baptist. I was very serious about my faith, involved in a music ministry and church bands for many years. Long story short, attending AA began my deconstruction process around 2016. I “came out” to my family as a non-believer via letter in 2020. I’m still working through the emotional and mental trauma of my religious upbringing. I’m often disgusted by the Evangelical Christianity of my family and folks in the area. I have zero interest in a church family or a replacement for my former Christian life/beliefs. I do however miss this type of community, in general, and have longed to find others in a similar position in this area too.

Some of the resources I turned to while deconstructing: The Life After Podcast by Brady Hardin and Chuck ? Exvangelical - podcast by Blake Chastain Straight White American Jesus - podcast by Bradly Onishi & Daniel Miller

There’s a Recovering from Religion-Springfield, MO Meetup group. They used to meet at Big Momma’s pre-covid. Not sure if they’ve gone back to in-person. I’ve never had the chance to attend their meetups so can’t speak to the people or quality.

I’d be interested in gathering with other likeminded individuals, if you end up putting something together.