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Yes, so Airbnb increases overall prices, just not the ones in the immediate vicinity of the actual Airbnb. I get it. And overall i don't think increased property values are a good thing. It screws over everyone except property owners looking to sell....but then they have to


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There was a giant party at the Airbnb next door a few months ago. I knew council had proposed some regulations after the shooting on the north side. One of the cops that i called responded to that shooting and still didn't know the how to handle the noise violation and how those new ordinances were to be enforced.


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Yes and no. I have a feeling i will have a very difficult time selling if buyers realized who the "neighbors" are. I intentionally didn't buy a house next to a hotel i don't know who would want to?


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Same!! The noise is worse because everyone staying there is on vacation so they don't give af that isn't a Tuesday. They're smoking a blunt on the porch and laughing until 4 am. And the parking...I've given up. I call the cops and have them ticketed and towed. The police are 100% on your side as soon as you mention it's an Airbnb


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At the very least, they should subject to the same taxes and fees imposed on hotels. Therefore, the community has some positive impact to offset lower property values, nuisance, and lack of affordable housing


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And given the market has started to transition back to a buyer's market, you might have a shot at getting a few of these things. But french drains can be pricey. And my parents have had so much trouble with their sump pump and the resulting flooding...hearing "sump pump" immediately gives me nightmares


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Yes, it isn't cheap if you've always lived here and made Pittsburgh salaries. And all the people moving here with west coast money has driven up housing to the point where locals can't compete. If I hadn't final won the bid on a house when i did (after being outbid numerous times by non-pittsburghers coming in wit all cash), i don't know if I would have ever been able to buy.


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Tepache in mars (obviously not the city...but). My husband is from LA and is constantly disappointed by Pittsburgh restaurants. I took him here for his birthday and he said it was the best birthday dinner he has ever had. We especially loved the spicy broccoli sprouts


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I didn't immediately see if either of these were mentioned contributing to the rising rent impact

  1. new construction apartments are all upscale/luxury. No one is investing in middle income rental units. The government does require a specific % be deemed "affordable" housing, but that amount is insane,coming from a person who is well above the income limits
  1. Airbnb's impact on available rental units, diminishing supply. Not so much an issue in Pittsburgh as other touristy cities, but contributes nevertheless

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I know! It's crazy. My old rent was $535, after I moved out May 2021 they did zero updates and rented it for $900. I know i was getting a steal but feel bad for the poor people who are paying than much for mediocre housing.

Super grateful to now be a homeowner and not have to be at the mercy of a landlord. Though being a homeowner has its own set of cost, i don't have to worry about my mortgage jumping