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And the way they stuffed it all into the final episode was appalling. I would have rather been left on a cliff hanger and forced to read the book. I haven’t even finished the last book (I wasn’t much into the show) until I saw the final. I can’t even think about reading that type of ending slowly over hundreds of pages. Fuck that.


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I had a weird like 6+ months with a low “industrial hummmmmm” tinnitus that would come and go (mostly indoors) or somehow I was picking up these humms just more easily for some reason. It would drive me mad at some points and thought I totally screwed up my ears somehow. I still to this day don’t understand it because it usually happened indoors mostly but if I focus I can hear it outside. Happy to say I can slightly pick up the hum now if I focus on it but not to the point where it’s making me nauseous. My temporary tinnitus was always high pitch never ever a looooow churning hum. Smoking did nothing, I would try to knock myself out to make it stop. I don’t wish it on my enemy.