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Check out apps like AllTrails. You can find a ton.

Springfield Lake, Ritter Springs Parks, Greenway Trail... There's a few but they're usually busy and on pavement. If you can get out of town a bit there are several more.


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I worked for JH for 10+ years. Trust me, we did not end on the greatest terms, mostly because of pay. They intentionally cut salaries for people living in Springfield. I hand picked a team of engineers below me and they hired them $30-50k/yr more because they lived in bigger cities. I was maxed out in their job grade. Literally couldnt be promoted anymore without going into management, and they said they couldn't pay me the same as the people 3 job grades lower than me with much less experience.

I wouldn't go back unless I absolutely had to.


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No local companies that I can recommend.

Long story short, they're not large enough to pay competitively. So if you want to make half, yes half, of what someone else doing the same thing does for another company, then sure work local.

Shop local, work remote.


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Am I the only one who thinks and experienced this?

I don't understand what you're asking about. Are you asking about North Springfield, or are you asking about this subreddit?

Your post meanders about and goes in several directions before deciding to go nowhere. It's like a meth-d out street walker on Division. Entertaining to watch, but nothing really to learn from besides "this is what not to do".