keviscount t1_itax5ow wrote

> The problem with capitalism is that it always seems to end in a very small 1% owning everything

Eh closer to top 20% owning 80% of things, most of the time.

> Got the required minimum million in the bank to begin a reasonable retirement savings?

If you think you need $1mil to begin saving for retirement then I suggest you stop posting online and get back to studying hard in school. Learn to code and don't piss away your teenage years being a doomer.


keviscount t1_itavd7j wrote

> Only as long as you're one of the 'winners' in the game. Those without resources or benefits or equal footing, are the losers in the capitalism game.

You're right that capitalism produces an outcome of winners and losers. All other systems tried have produced nothing but losers (lest they be corrupted and start incorporating some elements of capitalism, inevitably with a ruling class forming of effectively authoritarian capitalists ruling over the serfs who have been tricked).

You can pretend that other systems work, even on a small scale. But humanity doesn't work on a small scale anymore.