khalcyon2011 t1_je0xadk wrote

In general, the efficacy of most supplements is debatable. If you actually read the documentation on most of them, you'll notice that they're rather vague on what they actually DO. In many cases, they have absolutely no scientific evidence to suggest they actually do what they claim, so they leave their claims to vague phrases like "digestive health" or "joint health". There are also concerns about the safety of them if they did work (e.g., a supplement that claims to increase breast size and actually does? What the hell is it doing to your body to do that?)

The only supplements with any real evidence are the micronutrient ones (i.e., "vitamins") and only if you have a specific deficiency (e.g., calcium supplements for someone who's severely lactose intolerant).

Tldr, most supplements are at best useless or at worse harmful.