kharmatika OP t1_j1z2bp7 wrote

That is the plan, do a test patch with a scraper and a sander.

Definitely hasn’t been painted, I was able to chip a piece off and you can tell the surface is the exact same as the interior, I’m REALLY hoping it sloughs off with spray and scrape, I have a lot of health complications that get exacerbated by using a sander so I’d need to hire someone if that happens

And yeah I don’t need a perfect flat, if I can get it something like this, I’ll be completely happy with it, cuz that will look nice with a coat of paint over


kharmatika OP t1_j1z1m8z wrote

Yep! Luckily my in laws actually own a great sander for this project, we built out a basement suite in their house with all new drywall and it was well up to the task, so if the scraper method doesn’t take, I’m in good shape. I just try to avoid sanding at all costs because I have asthma and even with PPE the dust gets to me.


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Apparently it’s “stomp” which is a very fun name for an ugly ass design. Apparently (according to a few tutorials I’ve watched since I finally found the damn name for it!) you can either sand or scrape this stuff, depending on how easily it comes off with a scraper. Some people find the scraping easier, some prefer sanding. I’m gonna try both on a sample and see what seems easier/quicker and/or nicer finish for my ceilings, and will go with whichever I think might work best. Thanks for your help!