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You could try Pine Rock apartments literally within five minutes from SCSU. They’re townhouses and charge $600 per room last time I checked.


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I actually live on Howe St right now. I moved here in January for a sublet to get a feel for New Haven before committing to a full lease. Though I haven’t experienced much trouble like statebird_ mentioned I agree that this street is really crummy: litter everywhere, lots of panhandlers hovering asking for money, can get pretty loud on the weekends but nothing extreme level for me other than the typically drunk college kids and car honking

Really wanted to make Dwight work because it’s pretty close to the hospital too but the neighborhood and quality of life just isn’t good at all

EDIT: noisy right now on Howe st sounds like a protest going on outside.


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Look at Strauss Alder building lots of YNHH employees live there. 1BR starts at $1545. Building is owned by PMC Property Group. Contact Kristen Favia she is the Property Manager. If you end up living there buy a wheel lock for you car.


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I would definitely recommend Wooster Square for a small community feel. It’s definitely pricey in Wooster Proper but you will find some affordable rent prices outside of it like on William St, Saint Johns St. I live within NH proper and somewhat dread it as a late 20’s person- noisy, busy, lots of college students depending on which street you live on and if you don’t mind those things


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Reply to Dating? by whoawhoawhooooo

I’m not too sure about the BDSM/ kink scene but just a month ago there was a furry kinky fetish type convention at the Armon hotel in Stamford, CT.

I also feel for you as I am a late 20’s lesbian woman and am finding no luck with dating in this college town either. I keep thinking its because majority of people here are only staying in NH short term for a job contract or grad program at Yale and probably aren’t looking for something longterm. May have to rely on dating apps to meet someone similar tbh


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There’s a 3 bedroom rental for $1595 in East Rock available right now. Pets allowed. Snag it before the Yalies do.

Definitely shop around on hotpads, FB marketplace and Yale housing FB groups. Your best bet for an affordable three bedroom under $2000 will be in East Rock especially if safety is a concern and you don’t want to hear too much police sirens and rowdiness. Your dogs will like the greenery there too.


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Exactly what I did. I was able to secure a studio close to downtown from a Yale grad Asian student who’s leaving NH. Sublease price is 1245 and after the lease is up in August rent will increase to 1300 for lease renewal. Studio is in great shape, pristine clean and everything is updated. I’ve toured some studios for lease takeover around downtown and they weren’t updated and rent was like 1500+. Crazy. Definitely have to shop around for something good quality and worth the price here. OP should join all the Yale FB groups since landlords and realtors post available units on there and Yalies will also post their apts/rooms for lease takeover. Now until late January is actually the time to look for something since there are Yalies graduating and leaving their leases.


killitwithkindnesss t1_iweqr2m wrote, roomster (have to pay subscription fee), Craigslist rooms & shares in NH area, Facebook market place, and Yale Free, For Sale & For Rent FB group.

Definitely join lots of the Yale off campus housing Fb groups. I was able to snag a studio sublet in Dwight for $1225 from a Yale grad and am renewing when her lease is up.