kindofbluetrain t1_j8mpwqx wrote

R70x was my endgame. I got them on their release date 6 years ago and haven't bought another pair, except some Koss KPH30i because I needed a phone headset, and that also happens to also be a great headphone.

Expense has so little to do with anything for me. I've owned multiple flagships and heard l many of them. They weren't as good for my tastes.

The K371 might just be your jam.


kindofbluetrain t1_j2c8mm8 wrote

The price of under $10? I'd say so, but that's just me. If you want to know if it's worth a couple of grand for the headphones they are made for, I'd say, that's a harder question.

If you lined up every current flagship and these Koss with the pad mod, then asked me to blindly pick my favourite without any knowledge of what I was actually listening to. I am certain I would have always pick these 100% of the time, since forever.

Sure, I'd notice they aren't as detailed, and probably lack in various areas, but if it's just about what sounds best to me. They would take it.

And that's comming from someone who owned the eye wateringly expensive Grado flagship headphones these wacky pads are designed for. Also a highly engineerd and analytical Beyerdynamic flagship, and the highly detailed classic Koss electrostatic flagship. Plus about 16 pairs of mid-fi.

I've also heard most of the current flagships that get all the buzz around here.

These hacked up budget Koss do not have the features or qualities that make people drop thousands of dollars for a flagship....

To me. These just make the music breathtakingly beautiful. That is all.

Even the handpicked Grado and Koss Electrostatic flagships I picked out, that aren't conventional flagships, didn't make music that sounded as beautiful to me as these do.

It took me thousands of dollars and a lot of swallowed pride to learn that I don't care about chasing some perfect target or vison. When I'm totally honest with myself very few headphones at crazy price points speak to me the way a pair of these cheap little headphones with some sub $10 Grado (correction:) g-crush pads do.

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the ride and experience, but honestly, these and some other experiences slayed my perception of what high quality sound is to me.

I've given up on flagships at this point. I have a couple of my favourite mid-fi pairs around that cover all my needs better.

So. If the question is, is it worth a few dollars for some pads to put on a sub $100 pair of headphones. I'd say. I don't know your life, but if you are buying up budget Koss, then yeah there is a darn good chance they are worth it.