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How does it happen what? How AI can improve surplus value? If you make a product 10x faster by a fraction of it cost the consequences are obviously good for economy in general. The need to transfer the surplus value to the society will be reason capitalism model won't survive for the next decades to come. But the collapse of capitalism doesn't mean the collapse of society in any mean.


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Income comes from production. Doesnt matter if made by a machine or a human. I believe in the beginning of transition the gov will need set high taxes to AI companies. In far future, there will be no money at all. All the goods and services made by AI robots for free. Maybe every human could have a score that reflexes his actions in society and can use this to buy a nice car or house. Crazy science fiction but not impossible


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Are you guys freaking kidding? AI revolution will be the most incredible thing that happened to humankind. Tech breakthroughs growing exponentially and improving quality of life and economy drastically. But it is the end of capitalism for sure because the income generated by the machine must go to the humans.


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Maybe. Mostly of greek philosophers were rich slave owners with a lot free time. Humans will have time to study philosophy and improvements on technology made by AI.


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I think humans will enter in a dark age of knowledge. Technology will advance exponentially and scientists will not be able to follow AI on it. Imagine how dumb people will be in 20, 30 years.. they will make flat earth people look intelligent. Art created by humans will be so ugly as medieval era and there will be just a fraction of engineers, scientists we have today.