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Before Disney, the Orlando area was relatively small and the area he bought up was unused swampland that nobody was interested in at the time. The only reason for the shell companies was to prevent a massive burst of people buying up land specifically to thwart their efforts, or force them to pay an outrageous amount to keep their plans intact.

If Disney hadn't moved in and renovated the area Orlando would not be the place it is today. Florida itself would not have received the ungodly amount of tourist money that is also spent in businesses and properties outside of the parks. And they would still have Dinseyland in California, regardless.

And developers buying large chunks of land is not unusual. The only noteworthy factor at all, is because we know what it grew to be.


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That's the dark humor in it. Republican's love to use it as an excuse to not help people in need. But at the end of the day it is an impossible task, and one they almost certainly were never in a situation that would require it. Or, for those that were poor growing up, relied on the same social safety nets that they want to gut.