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Not sure about "fresh" as it's very similar to Columbo, a series from the 70's and 80's.

It has a similar formula, where we see the murder first. Then Columbo arrives on the scene and figures out not only the murder but the motive behind it.

Peter Falk was such a delight in it, too. No super powers, he just acted folksy and scatterbrained in order for people to underestimate him (which they always did). It was a LOT of fun.


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I met her in the early 90's. Me and a friend of mine, who was a really huge fan of hers, went to see her perform in Milwaukee. After the show I asked my friend if she wanted to see if we can meet her.

My friend looked nearly shocked at the proposal. "Do you think they'd let us?"

I shrugged. "It won't hurt to ask."

So I found a stage hand and asked if we could meet Judy. He went backstage and came back a couple of minutes later and confirmed we could meet her.

My friend was just lovestruck. She immediately sat next to Judy and said "Oh my God I love you so much, thank you for meeting us!"

The two hit it off and became friends that night. Judy was SO sweet in person, which at first I found surprising because her comedy can get downright acerbic at times.

RIP to the Goddess of Love, you were unforgettable