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Ai can't think outside the box, it can take existing information and extrapolate it according to a logarithm. It's strength is the ability to do this quickly using lots of data, but ultimately the innovation will be the product of the ai's programmers and its users ability to intuit the right questions.


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Both artificial intelligence and star ships are losing their meanings

Starship are supposed to travel to stars not just around the solar system

Ai is essentially a variation on the original eliza robot, now with greater abilities to catalog data and rearrange it according to a series of algorithms then to generate a response mimicking natural language.

While ai isn't going provide a magic bullet it could be an interface for creating new organic solutions, because it can investigate so many different possibilities, but so can regularly computer programs

What it offers is possibly a more intuitive approach to computer interfaces, but ultimately, the innovation will lie in the work of the person who programmed it and the intuition of the person using it.

Like u r wife 4 example.


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The advantage of ai is it can run thru a huge number of scenarios based on the input it is given and suggest variable best case outcomes based on the situation and any actions taken to alter the situation. So slowing it down seems pointless, when it could just as idle

As far as sentient ai ever happpening it's doubtful unless it's biological.