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I've seen the Milky Way. First saw it when I went to Clearlake camping with my family and our family friends. I looked up and said "what's that glittery stuff in the sky." My cousin replied it was the milky way. I stared at it in awe for a good 10 minutes before a friend snapped me out of it to grab dinner. "Your alien family will be here soon they said." He told me


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You would be blown in excess of 1000 mph off your feet until you slammed into something splattering you all over the place. The reason for this is because even though we dont feel it, we are moving along with the planet. Gravity keeps us in place. If the earth stopped suddenly, we'd still be moving and thrown foward. There would be massive flooding and waves as the water is tossed about other items as well. Dont know what would happen next because every living thing would be dead.


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  1. A Quasar has a super massive blackhole in its center. The beams that radiate from it churn out massive radiation more intense than our sun.

  2. Blue Giants are massive stars...more massive than our sun. They use up their fuel quickly. There is a blue giant in the constellation Orion

  3. Stars can go into Hyper-Nova.