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Well, my understanding is that the data is not conclusive. Some evidence was found in rat studies but that doesn’t always translate to humans.
Here is a retracted study that tried to claim dopamine neurotoxicity from just one dose of MDMA in primates. It turns out they accidentally gave them methamphetamine instead of MDMA. retracted study


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They’re different highs.
MDMA (talking about the pure stuff, not the stuff cut with amphetamine or methamphetamine) give me more of a strong, warm, cozy, but intense feeling all over my body. And it comes in waves. There are some perceptual changes (nothing like MDA, although mixing MDA and MDMA is nice) which cocaine doesn’t have at all. Like I really like the audio changes I get with MDMA. It’s like I can feel sound somehow. Sounds seem more profound. Like listening to music on MDMA can be such a profound experience.
Coke (and again, talking about just the uncut stuff) can be a little more subtle actually. You just have a generally good feeling but in your head. Any physical side effects don’t tend to be warm and cozy like MDMA.

Both can be great highs depending on how much you take, on setting, etc.

Edit: and this probably comes down to the main receptors each drug targets. MDMA mainly works on serotonin receptors. Cocaine mainly works on dopamine receptors.