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The owners pushed this into court. They were unusual in their stubbornness:

From the link above

>However, the judge concluded, 'The answer is that McSorley's is a public place, not a private club, and that the preference of certain of its patrons is no justification under the equal-protection clause of the United States Constitution.'"

And how about this:

>Female customers were admitted to most bars by about 1960, but McSorley’s was the last bar in New York City to admit only men. Despite pressure from the women’s movement, it fought to maintain its exclusivity, which was a common practice established long before Prohibition. The women presented their case with a lawsuit in 1970, Seidenberg vs. McSorley, that ultimately resulted in “McSorley’s law,” prohibiting sex discrimination in bars, hotels, restaurants, airplanes, golf clubs, and other public accommodations. Because the law stated that establishments only needed to provide “sanitary facilities” for their employees, McSorley’s only had one bathroom until 1986, when a women’s restroom was finally installed. https://www.6sqft.com/the-urban-lens-inside-mcsorleys-old-ale-house-nycs-oldest-bar/


I stopped going here after I read into it.


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>The 44-year-old man and 63-year-old woman were riding between cars on a moving northbound L train at West 14th Street and Sixth Avenue just before 10:30 a.m., according to cops and the sources.

>Witnesses told investigators it appeared one of the victims may have slipped onto the tracks in a suicide attempt — and the other fell while trying to grab them, police sources said.


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Great graphic!

This is why a distributed ledger for personal healthcare records needs to exist and be run by an NGO

any healthcare provider should be able to commit given the individual has provided consent. Permissions and time boxed windows can provide secure access to providers as needed


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NYC museums are world class. The met MoMA and Guggenheim are my favorites.

A ferry in Feb is going to be dreadful