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I think it’s finding the right shorts. Need to have fabric where rubbing would be. I’m an AFAB woman but this also worked for my AMAB husband. You need a snug fit from just below the crotch to as far down as your thighs seem to regularly touch while walking. Sports shorts with built in bike short type layer under the lightweight looser short layer work great. Hit up a store like TJ Max if you have one locally to try on a variety of “workout” shorts to find a good fit. Then find that brand and fit other places. An alternative is purchasing bike shorts or boxer briefs that you like to wear and that work under your favorite shorts.


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Ancestry. com is worth it. Built the tree, check photos other people submitted for your shared relatives, find a match for someone in this photo, then be able to identify other people in the photo from that match. I’ve done this a TON. I recently found a large family portrait on a farm and slowly matched all but two of the 20+ people in it based on my ancestry research.


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If she brings her lunch like I do consider a quality backpack cooler bag. It’s basically a giant lunchbox with room for other stuff and totally hands free (teachers tend to overcarry crap back and forth). The one I liked most isn’t made anymore but I’ve found a few on Amazon that I’ve given as gifts just not sure of longevity yet.

Another favorite of mine is a massive metal water bottle. Obviously yeti and swell and the like make some good ones. I think customized with her name is how you make it personal and it also saves a teacher who can easily leave it on accident at places like a staff meeting. Hydration is important.

Finally you can’t buy it for life but a year subscription to a local place to get a once a month massage would be a high end superior teacher and wife gift!