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Woke up to find out I lost a close friend to addiction. Something none of us even knew about. We became best friends in middle school, grew apart a bit in high school, and recently just got back in touch. We were supposed to grab lunch soon. I am heartbroken.

ETA: also, to stay on the post topic, I’m enjoying Ginny and Georgia.


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It finally got me - on day three of the ‘Vid. Got a slight headache Thursday afternoon but it wasn’t anything crazy so I didn’t think anything of it. I woke up Friday morning with the worst chills, grabbed the thermometer and saw a nice 101.9 on it. About an hour later it got up to 102.7 so I got myself to the doc in a box. Got the combo swab for flu/Covid and within 10 minutes the dr was back with my results. I’m only 26, but I, fortunately (I guess??), was able to get one of the antiviral meds because I have asthma. Riding it out, watching football, and napping today.


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I’ve debated starting to pay all at once, just a steep sum of money to drop when I’m still at that in between of being a full adult vs adult in training lol. Getting married in 2023 though, how much does that typically help with rates??


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That is absolutely ridiculous. I knew they check credit scores, but penalizing you for a new credit card??? Unreal. I have my other car (2008 Mazda, paid off) insured through them, but I have basic coverage since it’s old and not worth paying crazy coverage for. Very good to know about this experience because I’ll be dammed if I’m going to consider insuring both cars through them, much less continue with just the one. Can’t wait to see what my rates do when that renewal period comes.


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Mine has gone to SOS once (that I’ve noticed) but I’ve been frequently dropping signal ever since getting my 14 Pro. Even the update hasn’t completely fixed it, and I remember other people posting about it when the 14’s first released. I have AT&T btw.