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This is who she is

> Northrup herself expounded on a vaccine conspiracy in a widely circulated video interview apparently recorded in October 2020, in which she claimed COVID-19 vaccines would change people’s DNA and infiltrate their bodies with tiny “nanoparticle” robots with two-way 5G antennas. “They have the ability to take your biometric data – not only your vaccine record, but your breathing, your heart rate, your activity, sexual activity, these drugs that you’re taking, where you travel – all of that and then take that data and store it in the cloud,” she said. This information, she said, would then be paired with a barcode that would “connect us to cryptocurrency, so that would become literally slaves to the system.”

> “Once those nanoparticles go in, there’s no detoxing from them, there’s no getting them out of there,” Northrup continued. “They combine with your DNA and you are suddenly programmable, and with the proposed 5G networks the body would be an antenna where you could be controlled from outside of yourself.”


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> what NEED is there for even more people to come here?

Tax revenue for the towns, cities, and state.

> We're all barely making due as is, everythings fucked with our situations here. I don't know who is going around saying we need more people to come here. So we can all suffer together?

Fewer people means more tax money from each household.