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Yeah they're usually just doing it for money, but that means that the population that will think higher of a company with pride logos outweighs the group that will avoid pride. Even if they're not really doing it for moral reasons, companies are okay with turning away homophobes. And that makes me happy.


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Their mouths are large and unsealed. Humans have a tiny gap at the front. Dogs' gap starts all the way in the back of their jaw. See this image for reference. The surface of the water would have to be all the way back there before they could get the suction. So their entire muzzle (including their nostrils) would have to be under water.


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Less common. Typically 5 star reviews are bought in bunches, usually to kick-start the popularity and credibility of something. If the reviews have been suffering lately, then more might be bought though, and you might catch it at that time.