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ok, so you have realized and admitted that over eating makes you feel like crap. great, what's next?

let me ask you why do we eat at all in the first place. the answer is that we eat in order to feel good. it doesn't feel good to be hungry. it doesn't feel good to be malnourished. it feels good to eat.

but you've now recognized that it doesn't feel good to eat too much. let's add that it also doesn't feel good to eat certain things. greasy food doesn't feel good. maybe a big ol milkshake doesn't feel good.

with this limited knowledge you can now start taking control. think about what foods feel bad, what foods feel bad in excess, and what foods don't feel bad, what foods actually feel good.

now, when you're thinking about your next meal don't think about flavor first, think about what will make you feel good after you've finished eating. flavor comes after this. a big ol greasy cheese burger tastes great, but doesn't feel great after. how about a smaller cheese burger? out how about a falafel?

keep this up and build it into a habit. when we get stressed we fall back on our habits. if you build healthy thinking into a habit then when you get stressed you'll eat healthy and you'll feel better.

this will take time. but quitting isn't going to get you there any faster.


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the hearing dept at my local VA will issue hearing aids for tinnitus, but they don't make it quiet.

what they do is Bluetooth to your phone and stream music at just above the tinnitus level. there's no way to make it stop, but playing music sure helps to cover it up.

it's not 100%, but it's still a big relief


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LPT, many hackers will try to make a Google voice number in your name (on your account). but if you already have one then they can't since Google only allows one per account.

they want to make a Google voice number on your account and user it to hack others over the phone and set you up.

simply make a Google number and then use it at least once every couple months to keep it active. that's it. then nobody can make one in your name and do shady stuff with it