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I did a high loop. My dishwasher even came with the hose thing that holds the high loop.

It's under the sink. So it goes out the dishwasher low through the sink cabinet sideways. Then up high loop as high as it will go under the actual sink, then back down in the garbage disposal.

Also the best practice is to make sure the disposal is clear of anything while you run the dishwasher so it can drain without issue.

Also put a little detergent in the washer area (not the enclosure) so it will wash during the prerinse


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I saw something from Michael Pollan that was saying that if you add yeast to the wheat it naturally ferments / digests it so your body can more easily digest it.

I can eat organic bread that comes from a bakery with no gluten related digestive issues.

But if I eat a lot of processed stuff which has wheat flour or things like wonder bread then I have issues.

Usually those issues are constipation and what feels like high blood sugar


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It's not efficient to tow sure. But an ICE engine is usually a lot of energy gone to waste. Where an electric is not. So yeah it creates drag and also it's heavier so more energy needed. So for a person that needs towing they may have to get a heavier duty or longer range battery that doesn't yet exist.