kolodz t1_jebj3yp wrote

They could cut the line and separate the Russian network. (Physically or virtually)

But last time I checked expert were convinced that this would bring more problems than solving current ones.

Russia is connected to other countries that won't disconnect them (So we would still be exposed)

Russia would still be able to do attacks, but more regulars people would be able to use simple VPN or proxy to overcome censorship. (Iran cut internet voluntary during uprising)


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Yes and no.

3D printing doesn't necessarily mean that the printer is movable nor that you can build an other one easily.

This article speak about 3D printed elements made then moved.

And remember that moving the "printer", even if possible it's necessarily a good idea. They aren't plastic 3D printer !

There's actually a lot of already available technology to do quick and customized building. (Like Lego-style bricks etc)

Also all movable 3D printer I seen are unable to handle tall construction. That is to this date the cheapest way of building a lot of house in one go. It's also more ecological. (Less thermal loss, easier to use something else than car)


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> The entire structure was printed in four modules and assembled on-site in a few hours.

So, it's prefabricated home. 3D printing doesn't change a lot.

You still have constraints of prefab.

And, since it's was produced in a factory. 3D printing may change the quality, but probably not the product time.