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And if they wanted to be cheap with the localisation, why create all these new songs from scratch instead of just karaokeing localised lyrics over the original tune, as seems to be the norm elsewhere?

I have to say I'm glad they did, whyever they did it, because they're bangers as you say.


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It's a map glitch; it's supposed to be striped red and blue. I found a good amount of videos on YouTube with the French version overlain with Hungarian lyrics, with lots of comments in Hungarian expressing nostalgia and none expressing confusion. Therefore, I deduced that the French melody is for some reason very well known in Hungary. Do you have any insight as to why this may be?


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UK et al.


Germany et al.


France et al.


I unfortunately couldn't find enough data on non-EU countries for a world map to be interesting. However, I would still like to mention the Thai one. It's Moonlight Densetsu, but reimagined.

I welcome input on the countries for which I have no data.

EDIT: People who have watched the French version, please answer this question. In the final fight against Queen Beryl, Moonlight Densetsu was played in the original, and it was thematically perfect and a great mood setter. I need to know, did your dub have the Bernard Minet version during this scene? If yes, I really need to find a clip of that.