koreth t1_jdnovhq wrote

On Liaison, when one of the characters starts speaking French, the English subtitle will very often say, “[Speaking English]” which is surprisingly distracting.

Netflix does a much better job with subtitles IMO.


koreth t1_iydpze9 wrote

> people did not VERIFY the different contracts to make sure the were doing the CORRECT thing. It needs code review.

Professional programmers often suck at code review and miss glaring bugs even when they're reviewing actual code. What were the chances of this ever leading to bug-free contracts?


koreth t1_isc0y56 wrote

> You can study animal intelligence, but it’s complicated.

I’ve read that a recurring problem with research into reptile intelligence has been that the experiments are often based on experiments on mammal intelligence and don’t take into account biological differences that cause reptiles to respond differently. The example I’ve seen mentioned is that ambient temperature affects reptile behavior more (and differently) than it affects mammal behavior, meaning an intelligence test given in a cool air-conditioned room might underestimate a lizard’s intelligence level.