koushunu t1_jctrdk0 wrote

I know a number of people who were held back, and all but one agreed with it and said it was a good thing.

Ideally summer school is best, or after class help.

But in the current school system where i live, children are being accredited for algebra 2 when they are actually taken aside to learn fractions and other lower maths.

If you have read the studies on “no kid left behind” it hurts almost all the students.


koushunu t1_jcpfgp9 wrote

Also, staying back a grade /summer school does help. They need to reimplement that.

If you are floundering in any subject, it is better to understand each level, otherwise you are drowning worse and worse as you are taken up in levels, understanding less and less and becoming more frustrated, upset, angry, and sad about it. And it gets you no where but down.